Stanica Žilina (SK): Sauerkraut Making – The Dramaturgy of Nature - Part 1


13.11. 18:00
Masarykovo nádraží (Masaryk Train Station)

A culinary intervention in the public space by Truc Sphérique from the Stanica Žilina-Záriečie centre for the arts (SK). Barrels of fresh cabbage and a table with hot red wine. A call to action! - tickets free


Opening of the festival and vernissage


13.11. | 19:00 | Archa Theatre – Foyer

Opening of the festival and vernissage for the Radical Theatre Yesterday and Today exhibit – original works by Peter Schumann, founder of The Bread and Puppet Theater. - tickets free

Living Dance Studio (China): 聽三奶奶講過去的事情 / Listening to Third Grandmother´s Stories


13.11. | 20:00 | Archa Theatre – Large auditorium

A multimedia dance performance, which on the basis of real memories examines the life of elderly women from the Chinese countryside. In the difficult personal lives of ordinary Chinese women director and choreographer Wen Hui gradually uncovers social taboos, including views of sex, against the background of historical upheavals.

Choreography: Wen Hui Performers: Li Xinmin, Wen Hui, Lao Xiujuan Lights: Eduard Steenbergen Documentary film: Wen Hui Music: Wen Luyuan Director: Wu Wenguang

90 minutes, in Chinese with English and Czech subtitles

Tickets CZK 290 / 190

Márta Schermann (HU): Life Donation - stage installation


14.11. | 17:00 | Archa Theatre - Foyer

Personal records, artistic reflection of memories and the desires of homeless people, film fragments. - tickets free

Maria Schejbal and Krzysztof Tusiewicz / Teatr Grodzki (PL): Wake up the audience!


14.11. / 18:00 / Archa Theatre - Foyer

In the centre of the Radical Theatre Yesterday and Today exhibit the members of Teatr Grodzki will document the principles of their work in relation to the unique stage approach of the Bread and Puppet Theater, its interest in burning social questions, strength of visual expression and special way if involving the audience.

tickets free

Living Dance Studio (China): 回忆2:饥饿 / Memory 2: Hunger

hunger1  14.11./ 20:00 / Archa Theatre – Small auditorium

The uncontrolled agricultural and industrial reforms that Mao Tse-tung called the “Great Leap Forward” caused a famine in China from 1959–1961. Documentary filmmaker Wu Wenguang and his young colleagues interviewed witnesses of the famine across the country who survived, often at the expense of personal dignity.

Concept and director: Wu Wenguang 
Choreography: Wen Hui 
Texts, documentary film and performers: Zhang Mengqi, Zou Xueping, Luo Bing, Li Xinmin, Shu Qiao, Wang Haian 
Video, lights and sound: Wang Wenli

120 minutes, in Chinese with English and Czech subtitles 
Tickets CZK 290 / 190

International conference: Radical Theatre Yesterday and Today

archa akcent 2012 2000px-1041

15.11. | 10:00 – 17:00 | Conference room of the Goethe Institute, Masarykovo nábřeží 224/32

The arts versus social issues. Politics and art. Working with untrained performers. The principles of devised theatre. Theatre and community. These are the topics that creators of contemporary theatre are increasingly concerned with. What are the specifics, assumptions and principles of art in a social context?

Speakers: Lola Arias (ARG), Boris Bakal / Bacači Sjenki (HR), Johanna Freiburg / She She Pop and Gob Squad (D), Márta Schermann (HU), Edit Kaldor (NL), Barbora Uríková and Ivana Rumanová / Truc Sphérique (SK), Maria Schejbal and Krzysztof Tusiewicz / Teatr Grodzki (PL), Jana Svobodová and Ondřej Hrab / Archa Theatre (CZ), Eugen van Erven (NL), Henk Keizer (NL), Chris Torch (S), Jiří Sulženko and David Kašpar (CZ) and others. Moderator: Jiří Havelka.

Registration form available for download from 1 November 2013 at

Registration fee: adults CZK 150, students and seniors: CZK 80 The conference will be simultaneously interpreted into Czech. Conference co-organized by the Archa Theatre, the Goethe Institute and the Arts and Theatre Institute

Magda Stojowska, Tereza Durdilová / Archa.lab: Boys and Girls


15.11. / 18:00 / Archa Theatre - Small auditorium

An original production by Magda Stojowska and Tereza Durdilová that brings a new perspective on the relationship of the youngest and oldest generations. A group of children and seniors aged nine to 81 reveal a world of life stories and imagination. The production was created as part of the Archa.lab residence program.

Performers: Eva Kotulová, Antonie Hradílková, Anna Klusáková, Vincent Klusák, Jan Pospíšil, Hana Rostová, Mikuláš Smoleň, Lara Stoilov, Ester Střihavková, Karel Závěta
Director: Magda Stojowska
Assistant director and sets: Tereza Durdilová
Choreography: Tereza Ondrová. Music: Johana Švarcová, Filip Míšek
Dramaturgy: Jan Horák
Video Technician: Zdeněk Durdil

60 minutes, in Czech – Tickets CZK 150 / 100

She She Pop (Germany): Schubladen / Drawers


15.11. / 20:00 / Archa Theatre - Large auditorium

Six women go through the drawers of their memory on stage. Three of them grew up in East Germany and three in West Germany. An exciting confrontation of apparently ordinary lives. In the follow up to their award-winning production Testament, presented at Akcent 2011, Drawers is the most recent highly acclaimed production by the Berlin-based creative group.

Performers: Annett Gröschner, Johanna Freiburg, Alexandra Lachmann, Nina Tecklenburg Wenke Seemann, Ilia Papatheodorou Concept and directors: She She Pop - Sebastian Bark, Johanna Freiburg, Barbara Gronau, Annett Gröschner, Fanni Halmburger, Alexandra Lachmann, Katharina Lorenz, Lisa Lucassen, Mieke Matzke, Peggy Mädler, Ilia Papatheodorou, Wenke Seemann, Berit Stumpf and Nina Tecklenburg 
Dramaturgical assistance: Kaja Jakstat Set design: Sandra Fox. 
Costumes: Lea Søvsø. 
Light design: Sven Nichterlein. 
Lights: Andreas Kröher. Sound: Lars Egge Müggenburg. 
Video: Sandra Fox, Branka Pavlovic and Fanni Halmburger

120 minutes, in German with English and Czech subtitles – Tickets CZK 290 / 190

Guided tour of the Archa Theatre and the Radical Theatre Yesterday and Today exhibit

16.11. / 17:00 / Archa Theatre - Foyer

Original works by Peter Schumann, founder of The Bread and Puppet Theater. The legacy of 1960s radical theatre and its resonance in the present day. Tour presented by Ondřej Hrab, artistic director of the Archa Theatre.

− 60 minutes, in Czech − Free as part of the Theatre Nights

Guided tour of installations by theatre artists from the Visegrad countries

16.11. / 18:00 / Archa Theatre - Foyer

By means of interactive installations we will present to work of director, video artist and performer Márta Schermann (HU), founder of Teatr Grodzki Marie Schejbal (PL), and creative duo Barbora Uríková and Ivana Rumanová of Truc Sphérique Stanica Žilina-Záriečie - Part 2. Tour presented by Jana Svobodová, artistic director of the Akcent Festival.

− 60 minutes, in Czech − Free as part of the Theatre Nights

Bacači Sjenki (Croatia): Odmor od povijesti / Vacation from History


16. and 17.11 / 18:00 and 22:00 / Archa Theatre – Small auditorium

Theatre on the border of dreams and reality. A Kafkaesque production directed by Boris Bakal presented for the first time in the city of Kafka. The internationally renowned Croatian company presents a performance where instead of sitting in chairs the audience recline in beds. What do we do with our time when we finally find ourselves alone? How do we fill our private hours? Can we take a vacation from the everyday brutality of history? If Fukuyama announced the end of history, why can't we at least take a short break from history?

Performers: Jelena Lopatić, Bojan Navojec, Marija Škaričić , Damir Klemenić, Stanko Juzbašić
Concept, dramaturgy and directors: Boris Bakal & Katarina Pejović
Set design: Željko Zorica, Boris Bakal
Costumes and lights: Bacači Sjenki
Sound: Stanko Juzbašić

– 120 minutes, no language barrier, limited seating! – Tickets CZK 290 / 190 (free as part of the Theatre Nights on 16.11 from 22:00)

Studio Jiné jeviště: Romeo and Juliet = VSL


17.11. / 17:00 / Archa Theatre - Studio

The most famous love story in the world presented by the professional actors of the Jiné jeviště (Other Stages) and clients of the Neratov Association. The civic association Jiné jeviště o.s. focuses on theatre creation in specific groups and looks for new ways of using theatre in the reconstruction of displaced border communities and working with people with disabilities. Director: Janek Lesák, Ondřej Mataj and company Performers: Jiné jeviště and Neratovští

45 minutes, in Czech – Followed by a discussion with the artists – Tickets CZK 90 / 50

Jiří Havelka & co.: I, Hero

disk hrdina foto2

18.11. / 18:00 / DISK Theatre

No theatre, just a pure reconstruction. This original project is a reconstruction of the activities of the Mašína brothers and provides a maximum objective environment for resolving simple, but important questions: MURDERER or HERO? We only know as much as the information that we currently have at our disposal.

Performers: Sofia Adamová, Andrea Ballayová, Jiří Böhm, Eva Burešová, Mikuláš Čížek, Josef Jelínek, Barbora Kubátová, Marek Menšík, Richard Vokůrka, Petr Vydarený
Director: Jiří Havelka
Assistant Director: Tomsa Legierski
Dramaturges: Lenka Krsová and Linda Dušková
Set Design: Jan Brejcha.
Costumes: Ha Thanh Nguyen
Light Design: Šimon Kočí

- 90 minutes, in Czech - Tickets CZK 180 / 120

Fundacion Teatro and Mil / Lola Arias (Chile / Argentina): El año en que nací / The Year I was Born


18.11. / 20:00 / Archa Theatre - Large auditorium

Eleven young people, descendants of the winners and losers of Pinochet’s coup in Chile reconstruct the lives of their parents through photographs, letters, recordings, clothes in their wardrobes and deliberately forgotten stories in a performance by Argentine director Lola Arias that sparkles with energy, rhythm and honesty. Eleven real stories, eleven guitar solos.

Performers: Alexandra Benado, Leopoldo Courbis, Pablo Díaz, Italo Gallardo, Soledad Gaspar, Alejandro Gómez, Fernanda González, Viviana Hernández, Ana Laura Racz, Jorge Rivero, Nicole Senerman
Director: Lola Arias

– 90 minutes, in Spanish with English and Czech subtitles – Tickets CZK 290 / 190

Presented in the context of House on Fire; with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union


open to the public throughout the festival

Ivana Rumanová a Barbora Uríková / Stanica Žilina-Záriečie (SK) Sauerkraut Making – The Dramaturgy of Nature

Whether it’s transforming a suburban train station into a centre for contemporary art, building a theatre out of beer crates or a gallery from ship containers, or organizing a film festival in an abandoned village cinema, the participation projects of Stanice Žilina-Záriečie are born from specific practical activities around which a group of people is formed, brought together by a common interest. The work creates a very natural forum for discussion, meetings, and getting to know each other. As part of the Akcent Festival the members of Truc Sphérique present the approach of the Stanica Žilina-Záriečie cultural centre to participation projects. November is the season for preparing sauerkraut and it would be a shame if Prague were not involved. After all, dramaturgy ferments just like cabbage: you need to take care of it, give it enough time to mature, and the right environment.

Márta Schermann (HU) Life Donation

Personal records, film fragments, artistic reflections on memories and desires – a public performance with homeless people. Fairytales for adults.

Márta Schermann presents the principles of her work in a way that involves not only the spectator as a passive observer but also touches their memory, experiences and dreams.

Márta Schermann is a theatre director, performer and video artist. From 2001-2004 she performed with Dogtroep. She currently lives in Hungary, where she works with renowned theatre creators such as Arpád Schilling and Anna Lengyel and companies such as Krétakör, PanoDrama and others.

Maria Schejbal and Krzysztof Tusiewicz / Teatr Grodzki (PL) Wake up the audience!

The members of Teatr Grodzki, Maria Schejbal and Krzysztof Tusiewicz, present the principles of their work in the form of a visually guided presentation. The project, in which the creators have actively involved representatives of socially disadvantaged groups, raises the question: “What is the relationship between theatre and social issues?”

In the centre of the exhibit of original works by Peter Schumann entitled Radical Theatre Yesterday and Today the members of Teatr Grodzki will document the principles of their work in relation to the unique dramaturgical approach of the Bread and Puppet Theater, its interest in burning social questions, the power of visual expression and specific ways of involving the audience.

Maria Schejbal has been heading the Teatr Grodzki cultural and educational centre in Bielsko-Biała since 2001. For more than 15 years she has led workshops focussing on education in the area of theatre. Among other things, she focuses on work with drug addicts. Maria has authored several publications for teachers and education experts. Her work is largely based on her experiences of working with Peter Schumann and the Bread and Puppet Theater.